Adam Stokes

So Much – Rock with vocals, Self exploration and growth
Unknown Wall – Powerful Blues, Rock with vocals, Orchestral, Rising, Vocals, See success, question reality. Kravitz/Bowie. Michael Brauer said ‘cool song’
DEvil – Rock with vocals, Blues, Trailer, Vocs, Demonic, Choir
Dodgy Kebab – Rock with vocals, humorous satire about the late night kebab
City of Dreams – Rock with vocals, A Warriors becoming
Open all the eyes – Rock with vocals, life journey of soulmates
Playing at home – upbeat sports rock Achievement Adrenalin Alive Bouncy Championship Competition Fast Exhilarating Exciting Energy Energetic Dynamic Electric Happy Hi-Energy Victorious Victory
Somethings Always Happening– indy rock with vocals about an accident prone drama queen/king, good for rom com
6th Gear – Sports rock
Goal – Country sports rock Winning Upbeat Uplifting Uptempo Supercharged Race Racing Light-Hearted Infectious Happy Driving Exciting Championship